Legend Has It Vision:

Look. We get it. There are a TON of crowd funded things popping up this day. It is really cool, but also overwhelming. We can contribute to so many charities, help an old high school friend out, or even contribute to our cousin’s college fund through sites like GoFundMe and PayPal. Legend Has It is a bit different. The point of our business is to help inspire people to get outside and go on an adventure. Don’t get tripped by the phrase ‘crowd-funded’. Yes. It is crowd funded, so as the number of participants grows, the treasure grows. Why? Because quite frankly we are normal average working-class guys who have yet to find a buried treasure of our own.

The funding and treasure are not the main point of our business. The main point is to (hopefully) help reignite a sense of adventure in you, your friends, your family, your community. Read the clues. Do some research. Learn some local history. Make some plans. Go on an adventure. Get out and about. Explore a new place. Find the key. Have fun!

Our society can do everything from a desk these days: work, order food, buy furniture, watch movies, chat with friends, and so on. What reason do we have to get out? Are you struggling to find motivation? Join our hunt! Maybe you will be the first to decipher the clues. Grab some friends and go explore!

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