Outdoor Exploring: in on day

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2020-09-19 0 min read

Outdoor Exploring: in one day

Ready to get out? I mean: out, OUT. 2020 brought us a bunch of inside time and this worldwide realization: people don’t do well being stuck at home. We need to get out. We need to see the sun. Our mental health does better when our vision is unobscured by manmade things. We need to breath fresh air, feel the sun rays on our face, and find something new to appreciate. Now. What do you do?

Step One: choose where to go. Wanting to explore somewhere local? Think county parks, state parks, national protected wildernesses, or even a large park. Some of the best hid gems in your area may be at an obscure preserve or county park

<photo pond at grasslands>

Do you have a day you can dedicate to exploring? Check out any national parks or monuments in your area. Depending on your level of commitment (and comfort in a car), driving anywhere between 1-3 hours could work for a day trip. The Free Admittance National Park Days are great for daytrips! Plan to leave early and stay as late as it will be safe for you to drive home.


Step Two: Pick a day.

Yes. Pull out the calendar (or let’s be real, pop it up on your phone) and pick a day. Are you going local? Then tomorrow may be your day! Going farther out? Weekends are great for exploring, or take a day off work: you deserve it.  I have a friend who hikes locally every morning at 7am. We go out with our kids a couple times a week (it varies by week, life happens). What is your situation? When can you go? Schedule it. Commit. Put it in the calendar.


Step Three: Pack your stuff.

Water. Always bring water. Going on a small local hike? Bring water. Hiking to the top of a peak? Bring water. Doing a day trip to a national park? Bring water. I think we got it. Bring water.

Don’t like holding a water bottle? Bring a backpack <<<recommendations>>>>

Hate stopping to pull your bottle out of a bag, or tired of the bottle leaking all over your stuff? Try a bladder. You have probably heard of Platypus or CamelPak. Some other great brands are <<<<>>>>>>.

**Pro tip: bladders are the way to go when hiking with kids. 1: they carry their own water! 2: they can get a drink whenever you want, instead of having to stop every 2.1 seconds for a drink break. 3. Did we mention that the kids carry their own water and snacks?

Snacks: You know you. Pack some healthy snacks to keep you body flowing with good fuel along the way. We rock the gluten free lifestyle and are diabetic aware. Some of our favorite hiking snacks include: Costco trail mix, dehydrated fruit, apples, oranges, and jerky. Think of your hiking snack/ meal as fuel for your body. How do you want to fuel your adventure?


Step Four: Tell your Friends.

Seriously. Tell a friend or family member where you are going. If they decide to join you, then tell someone else where you will be. It may seem silly and feel silly, but better safe than sorry.


Step Five: Adventure Time!

Do it. Go on a hike. Go on a nature walk. Go explore a new place. Go find new wonders at an old place. Need some help to find inspiration? Grab your camera or phone and take on a photo challenge. Find a bug, flower, rock, scene, vista, or whatever you like. The wonders of the world are often discovered through a camera lens. But be careful, sometimes the lens gets in the way of the moment.