How do the treasure hunts work?

person holding magnifying glass

SUMMARY: During our many wilderness explorations we occasionally come across some of nature's hidden gems. When we do, we'll hide a special coin there, take a picture of a "key", then create a legend containing sneaky little clues to lead you there. 

What is the "KEY"?

How much is the treasure worth?

Is the coin worth anything?

Why is there a vesting period?

The "key" is how you prove to us that you have successfully solved the clues and arrived in the correct location to claim the treasure. The key is nothing more than an object in a photograph that has been obscured. Your task is to arrive at the same place we were, take an identical photograph with the object ("key") clearly visible, and send it to us. Once we've verified the key is correct, the treasure is unlocked and sent directly to you!